Are you looking for a cheap way to commute to work whilst also cutting down on your personal carbon footprint? Or perhaps you are just looking for a new, fun way to travel around your town or city. Well the good news is the future is here in the form of the electric scooter! Our range of electric scooters offer the perfect combination of style, speed and quality as well as being practical whilst helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Our range of electric scooters are incredibly easy to use so anyone can use them. They are turned on with a single button and have a digital display which indicates battery level, distance and speed.

electric scooter ireland

We have a small but high quality range of electric scooters for adults for sale from brands such as Ninebot and Xiaomi that are more affordable than most bikes! Our electric scooters have a range of up to 30 kilometers on a full charge so they are perfect for commuting to work and they are folding scooters so they can be easily folded up in just 3 seconds and put in the boot of a car or even carried on in a back pack.

Here in Ireland the government are planning to make a big push for people to use electric scooters according to Not only does it take traffic off of the road but they are environmentally friendly as well as being really affordable. They are also really fun to use and many people just use them recreational in parks around the country.

Our electric scooters can be charged in your home and depending on the model of scooter you choose you can fully charge the battery in just 2 -3 hours and that will last you between 20 – 30 kilometers depending on which model you decide to go for. We purchase our electric scooters directly from the manufacturer thus we are able to you the best prices in Ireland on these scooters (no genuinely!). We offer the Ninebot ES1 and ES2 electric scooter which are widely thought to be the best on the market and we sell both of these scooters below the recommend retail price and we also offer free shipping on all orders.

electric scooter

Our electric scooters are made from aluminum so not only is it incredibly durable but it is light weight as well so you can easily carry it around with you. They have a carbon finish so they can easily with stand the sometimes bad Irish weather. We have both options available in our adult electric scooter range.

Our electric scooter range contains all of the latest in scooter technology. Our scooters have a built in speedometer, anti lock brakes, lights and of course they are fully waterproof. The scooters also have a digital display that will tell you the speed, battery level and distance traveled via a smartphone app. They have a quick folding mechanism which means that you can fold up the scooter in just 3 seconds and easily place it in the boot of a car or hope on a Luas or bus to complete the rest of your journey. All of our scooters are of course CE and UL certified so the batteries are 100% safe.