So by now you have probably seen or at least heard about the electric scooter phenomenon that is hitting our towns and cities. So what is an electric scooter, what can they do and why are they fast becoming the next big things? Let’s make one thing clear an electric scooter is not a kids toy and although there are kids versions of electric scooters that have been around the while the scooters we are discussing in this post is about the adult electric scooters that people are using to get to work, around town and even just to have fun on.

The Xiaomi M365 is one of the leading electric scooters. It is a new personal mode of transportation that is powered by an electric battery. They have 2 wheels and are capable of hitting speeds of 25 – 30km/h with a distance of 30kms on a full charge. It comes complete with integrated headlights, brake lights, ABS brakes for safe stopping and a thumb throttle to accelerate. At just €499.00 it is cheaper than most bikes and obviously much cheaper than a car as well as not having to buy diesel/petrol to run it…you simple charge it from a socket in your home!

So lets brake down why the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is leading the way at the moment:

Distance & Speed:

The Xiaomi M365 has an impressive range of 25kms on a full charge. This of course will vary slightly due to possible inclines in the roads and the weight of the rider. This is quite impressive as the battery is quite small 280 Wh but it is helped with the regenerative braking which means that the friction from braking helps recharge the battery.

The M365 scooter can hit speeds of 25km/h on a flat surface and this will go down depending on the incline and again the weight of the rider but it is still quite quick up hills and I am a 100kg male!


As this is an original Xiaomi product the quality is out standing, especially at this price. It is an extremely sturdy product made from an aluminum frame which does not bend or creek at all. This is a purpose made electric scooter and all of it’s parts are of extremely high quality.

Handling & Ease of Use:

Electric scooters are super easy to use and the Xiaomi M365 is no different. It takes all of about 10 seconds to get used to the handling on it and whilst standing may look a bit awkward at first it is actually very comfortable to ride like that. There is also a seat add on which we will be selling soon as some people may prefer that option to standing.

To begin your journey you simply kick off the pavement and press the throttle and you are away! The steering can turn 45 degrees left or right so you can get around tight corners without any issue. If there is for some reason an issue when turning a corner the Xiaomi M365 is light enough that you can simply pick it up and turn it around. To brake the scooter you simply pull the brake which is similar to a bike brake. The ABS brakes ensure that you can brake safely.


The Xiaomi M365 scooter is extremely comfortable as it comes with 8.5 inch inflatable tires that help absorb small bumps on the road. There is also the option of airless tires that will be available soon.

The handlebars are quite tight which makes the scooter extremely comfortable and the board is wide enough to feet both feet on it at the same time.


The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter of course comes with a smart phone app. This app is great as it allows you to monitor your speed, distance traveled and battery levels. You can even buy a phone holder for the scooter if you wanted to use your phone for a digital monitor instead of the LCD display. We sell high quality phone holders for the M365 as the last thing you want is your phone flying off the scooter due to a cheap holder!


The Xiaomi M365 is the most popular electric scooter at the moment and is the scooter that broke into the main stream. For the price it is an absolute bargain and although there are alternatives this is a try and tested scooter with stunning reviews all over the web. A good alternative to this scooter would be the Ninebot ES2 which in fact was designed by the same company. There are some minor differences which you can read about here.