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Wind Turbines

Passat    1.4 KW         Single phase or battery  €POA

Montana up to 5.8 KW Single phase grid connection   €19,950.00

Alize       up to 11 Kw  Three Phase grid connection    €37,500.00

When considering wind power One needs to understand that the most important issue regarding the operation of a turbine is its location.

The main issues are that you have good mean windspeed and that the wind flow is laminar (not turbulent caused by obstructions).

A site with a wind speed of 7m/s will produce twice as much electricity as a site with 5 m/s. The higher you erect a turbine the higher wind speed and less obstructions you will have.

A wind turbine is a big investment and you should know what its payback will be prior to your investment. This can only be achieved by placing a data logger on site to measure the conditions, furthermore this unit will have to be in place for at least one year so as to monitor each season.

If you are ready for the first step Enviritech can provide you with the necessary Monitoring equipment. We also apply a buy back scheme for monitors which further reduce the cost to you.

To find out more contact Paul on 083 3420077 or

We Stock the Fortis Wind turbine, As we feel that it is the best on the market. We Have installed previously 4 other makes of wind turbine and although they were cheaper initially, The real economics were soon realized.

On the other hand the fortis is streets ahead and comes with a five year manufacturers warranty. Where the economics really stack up in its favour is that it is maintenance free. This means that there is no annual inspection so you dont have to pay €500 -  1000 every year and you dont require an expensive lifting apparatus.

Each time you maintain a turbine you run the risk of not tightening a bolt correctly or incorrect reassembly or the electrical connection been compromised. With the fortis there are no maintenance tasks they put it up and you just enjoy the benefits.

The initial installation is carried out by certified trained engineers. On completion your 5 year warranty commences Therefore if any thing should fail due to poor installation or manufacture it is our concern. Additional warrenty is available on request.

Fortis are a dutch company and if the dutch dont know how to make a wind turbine then the germans cant build cars.

Please click here , to view a full spec sheet on our Fortis range of Wind Turbines

We also provide full installation and control systems.

Should you require something a little different to that listed or some information, please contact us to see if we can be of further service.

Forti Montana 5 KW Wind turbine

3 Standard Models are available as follows. The price below allows for 10m freestanding pole, 100m of cable, Turbine, controller, grid tied inverter, erection and certified connection, Exclusions are Vat, Delivery, Civil works and plant Hire for excavation and lifting

Passat    1.4 KW         Single phase or battery  €POA

Montana up to 5.8 KW Single phase connection   €19,950.00

Alize       up to 11 Kw  Three Phase connection    €37,500.00


Contact us today for a free consultation, text us or email your contact number and we will ring you.

Stock clearance sale of Unitron 650 watt and 3.3 KW at giveaway prices while stock lasts.  or text to 0833420077.

We also supply commerical wind turbines to us .

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